Nutritional Counseling

I combine evidence-based nutrition with supportive guidance to ensure that the fear, deprivation and anxiety usually associated with “diets” are alleviated. I believe that good food choices can empower and motivate all aspects of life. I do not provide “diets,” but instead work with my clients to make lifestyle changes that will take them beyond the limited time we work together.

I provide counseling at our offices, a location of your choice, and via Skype. I also provide corporate nutrition services to the individual or groups, with workplace weight loss, on-site private counseling, and lunch-and-learn seminars.


Sessions Include:

1-hour consultations

Weight loss packages including motivational follow-up and meal plans are available upon request

Meal plans including recipes tailored to your tastes, preferences, and nutritional requirements are available

30 minute follow-up sessions


Prices start at 125$ for an initial consultation and vary according to package. Insurance and income tax receipts for dietitian services under OPDQ are provided upon request.

I invite you to contact me with any questions you might have.


“Healthy eating is a journey, not a destination.”


Andrea Rubin

About Me

I am a registered dietitian with more than 14 years of practice in counseling. My own journey of weight loss led me to seek out dietitians for counseling, and to try out most fad diets in the process. I loved food, and studied cooking prior to entering the world of nutrition. This has strongly shaped my approach with clients, by ensuring that food is not bland and regimented, but that if it is not appealing to our eyes and palates, it may not be worth consuming.